The Nursery school Pasaka is located in the beautiful area of Mazeikiai town, near the river Venta, surrounded by a garden and verdure. The Nursery school has been operating since 1983. There are 11 groups (1.5 – 7 years old children). The above mentioned groups are classified as follows: early age, mixed, preschool and pre-primary groups. More than 200 children attend our institution.


Mazeikiai kindergarten „Pasaka“ brings together a team of 21 qualified pedagogue. 9 educators have gained educator methodologist qualification category, 12 educators – senior educator qualification category. Kindergarten also staffed by a senior art education teacher, speech correction therapist. Educators’ creative expression is revealed in the best possible manner when working in the team. All of the groups are planning their own activities and organize most of the events in co-operation with each other.


Preschool education in Mazeikiai nursery school Pasaka is organized according to the preschool education program Vaikystes takeliu (Walking the childhood path) prepared by the institution and according to the concept of Waldorf education in Lithuania. The pre-primary education is organized according to the “General pre-primary education and learning program”.